The Australia Day Council of the Northern Territory is a community based not-for-profit incorporated body. Established on 19 June 1986 we have been working with Northern Territory communities for thirty years. 

While closely aligned to the Northern Territory Government and National Australia Day Council as well as Australia Day Councils in other states and territories we operate as an independent body responsible for our own management, events and activities, finance and governance.

Our mission is to Inspire Territorians to celebrate and recognise the diversity, achievements and lifestyle that make Australia great. 

We aim to achieve this by working with the people and government of the Northern Territory to; embrace cultural diversity and commits to working with Territorians to promote our national day with respect and integrity.

We are governed by a Board of Directors. Board vacancies are advertised publicly with members and the Chairman being appointed by the Chief Minister. All Board positions are honorary and members are volunteers.

Patron: His Honour The Honourable John Hardy AOM, Administrator of the Northern Territory

President: The Honourable Michael Gunner MLA, Chief Minister of the Northern Territory

Chairman & Public Officer: The Hon Daryl Manzie 

Vice Chairman: Jeannette Button

Treasurer: Robyn Cahill

Board Members: Sarah Price, Maxine Dowley, John Obolevics, Jenna Wallace, Melissa Royle & Nathan Fanning

Executive Director: Kiya Gill

Events Coordinator: Leanne Scott-Toms

Contact Details

Residential Address: Level 2 NAB Building, 71 Smith Street Darwin NT 0800
Postal Address: GPO Box 1934 Darwin NT 0801
Phone: 08 8989 5290